Friday, May 13, 2011

Wonder Northwest 2011

          Hey fellow followers! Just a quick update for you on this Friday the 13th. I'm chillin' at home working on some sketch cards for tomorrow, enjoying the new Beastie Boys album (which by the way is much better than the last). Speaking of tomorrow, I've been lucky enough to be invited to table for the inaugural year of Wonder Northwest 2011. A small convention aimed at gathering great collectors of all things nerdy. It's full of vendors and collectors of everything from vintage video games, to rare hard to find comics, and action figures that are guaranteed to bring you back to an earlier time.
          I feel very lucky to have been invited to table in the very limited artists alley, and will have original artwork, posters, the full line of Neo-Trash Comix, and a selection of 15 one-of-a-kind sketch cards available for the discerning collector. For those who are familiar with my work you will also see my graphics on the badges for the guests, staff, and vendors of the show. I'm also pleased to say that my Space Rhino image will be gracing the cover of the program as well. So hows that for f'ing cool!! It'll be a great show, with little to no out of pocket cost to visit for the day or the whole weekend. Hope that those who have $6-10 can make it out and support this show in it's infancy.  I'll be tabling Saturday only, so if you want to come out to specifically catch up with me come 10-5 Saturday...
           I'm hoping that this weekend generates a little buzz for a new convention in the Portland area. I feel that this town deserves a well planned show that isn't in a stinky basement filled with molding cardboard boxes and collectors with no standards of personal hygiene. Hopefully Wonder Northwest will become something more akin to the full fledged cons you get in San Francisco or Seattle, but only time will tell. Come out friends and make this weekend one that can only grow into something better. Hope to see you there!!

Daniel DePaolo

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