Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sketch-A-Day -Day6-

     Day 6 is a day late, but whadaya gonna do? Sometimes when I draw random characters I like to play with the squashing and stretching of proportion. So here we have a squashed face, with big hair, big hands, and chunky headphones. It's a little bit of a tip of my hat to music and the profound influence it has on all the artwork I create.

Daniel DePaolo

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sketch-A-Day -Day 5-

     Day 5 is one of the better monkey-style steam-bots I've done. I enjoyed the results that came from working on a black paper. It instantly makes even the most drab colored pencils pop. I hope you've enjoyed the work this week...more Sketch-A-Day Monday through Friday. Have a great weekend!!

Daniel DePaolo

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sketch-A-Day -Day 4-

     Day 4 is a bit of a regular when it comes to subject matter. But it is interesting for me to sit down and draw up a random graffiti guy just to see how it comes out. This guy has seen many incarnations in my body of work. I do like the pencil marks themselves in this piece. To me, the mark making takes precedence over the subject matter.

Daniel DePaolo

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sketch-A-Day - Day 3 -


     I've been enjoying the juxtaposition of the Fez, the mustache, and space suits in terms of accessories for different character/ body types. I'm pretty sure Day 3 is either looking for coffee or a croissant. I like the soft minimal white on this one.

Daniel DePaolo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sketch-A-Day - Day 2 -

     Day 2 began with the heart shaped head. Everything else kinda fell into place, as this faerie/ gorilla/ smug dude took shape. Some of the light blue construction line is still evident on the sketch, but I like a small roughness still evident in most pencil work.

-Daniel DePaolo-

Monday, April 22, 2013

Resurrecting the Sketch-A-Day - Day 1

     Almost two months have flown by after an energizing, amazing weekend in Seattle attending Emerald City Comicon. I've been trying to fill my time organizing myself for the many projects I should have in the works this year...note the use of the word should...I've recently put copies of my children's book up for sale on my Etsy page. But first, I sent a bit of a mass e-mail to family and friends asking them if they would like copies of my stock. The response was instant, and when all the checks and Paypal money comes through, I will have sold all but 3 copies of "Dingo and Willy's Donuts".
     As a bit of an extra for all those who have paid for their copy of the book, I'm creating two custom sketch cards per copy ordered. That means, I'll be creating 40 different sketches, scanning the work, and stuffing them inside the front cover of each book that leaves my house...so...knowing that, I will once again revive the Sketch-A-Day until all copies are in their rightful owners hands, and I'm burnt out on sketching on toned paper.
     Day one- Enjoy the "Heavenly Ham" as he serenely floats through a cloudless sky. When, I got done with this one, I couldn't help but think about my dad and his love of collectible piggy paraphernalia.

Daniel DePaolo