Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Professor Elemental - Anthology Issue 3

 Following closely on the heels of the Ming Qi project, I had a looming deadline for the 2014 Professor Elemental anthology. For those out of the loop, Professor Elemental is a bit of a English, steam-punk, Hip Hop artist who frequents comic conventions and is featured in other media. 

I completed this nine page short in about 3 months time. I was the sole illustrator/designer on the project. While I'm happy with how the final product turned out, I pretty much sequestered myself from most human interaction to get it done on time. I'm not complaining though. I had trouble not posting all nine pages, but feel the work above is the best from this story. I can't wait to get my issues. Hope you enjoy the work.

-Daniel DePaolo- 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Ming Qi - Character Design

Being busy is a good thing. The only disadvantage to working on projects that span months is not being able to share material until everything is delivered and officially "finished". 

With that being said, I'll forgo the apologies for the lack of posts, and give you a sense of time spent in the last few months. 

These pieces are highlights from a Character Design package I created for Adrian Ramirez, a talented comic writer out of Seattle. The script is a bit of a Post civil war, steam-punk, samurai epic that takes place on the West Coast of North America. This first phase was based around creating a "style" book for the world and it's main players. 

When all was said and done, Adrian ended up with a 40 page book full of photo reference from the period, character reference photos, and finished character sheets (as you see above). It was an involved endeavor, to be sure, but I'm pleased with the end results and happy to share them with you. Enjoy your week!

-Daniel DePaolo-