Monday, August 19, 2013

My Little Island

     I'm not sure how many times I've drawn some derivation of this image. Some funky little dude (kinda Calvin and Hobb's-ian, mixed with Looney Tunes, with just enough hip-hop sensibility) standing  on a small chunk of land, isolated yet content. It's a bit redundant, but it's always fascinating to see how the essence of the image changes with each rendition. As life moves on, we change, and some times it becomes evident through the subtle ways a 'formulaic' image is recreated/reimagined. I may be telling the same story, but the narrative has shifted and the character has more genuine life than it did before. To me it shows more maturity in my style and my sense of design, but it also gives me a point of reference for the next time I draw my little guy on his own little island.

-Have a good week interweb-
Daniel DePaolo

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