Friday, October 7, 2011

Hire an Illustrator, or Expanding my internet turf


I'm moving on up in terms of conquering more internet real estate. I've recently created a portfolio and stand alone website through this great place I've been extremely impressed with the interactivity of the site itself, the people they represent, and the professionalism of the people who make it all happen. So, hey, if you need work done and want a quick easy to use site for your needs these guys are who I would direct you to. Or, you know, if you want me to do some work for you, don't be so freakin' shy... ask me already. You can find me at While I am still a little fresh to the free-lance thing, please do keep in mind that while I may be an idealist artist, I still have bills to pay. Here's hoping your week has been spectacular! :)

Daniel DePaolo

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