Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Big 200 -or why I'm starting to love traditional media again

Not a Creature Was Stirring - colored pencil on wood panel

Moonwalker - colored pencil on wood panel

Tusks, Gentleman Walrus - acrylic/ colored pencil on wood panel

Nightlight - acrylic / colored pencil on wood panel

A Bird in the Bush - acrylic / colored pencil on wood panel
        I'm very excited to show off the five panels that I recently completed for "The Big 200" show hanging here in Portland just in time for the Holidays. I'm particularly liking the work because it marks a bit of a return to rendering my full color work using traditional means. I've always been pretty good with colored pencil and watercolor, but only recently have I rekindled my love for working in acrylic. With any luck at all this work will bleed over into multi-media comic pages as well as working in a larger format. I love traditional media because of the concrete results you have sitting staring you right in the face (good or bad). It requires you to be a creative problem solver as well as requiring a bit of improvisation when something doesn't quite go down the way you planned. No control / z button here folks just dealing with  the results and moving on if it didn't quite work out for you.

        All the work you see here, as well as the work from an estimated total of over 200 local Portland artists hangs at The People's Art Gallery of Portland starting Saturday December 10th. All work is marked at $40 per piece and is cash and carry. So, if you live in the vicinity, see something you like, and want it in your collection, you'd better shake a tail feather down to the gallery before its gone. Each piece measures approximately 8x8 inches and makes a nice decorative gift for the art lover in your life. Hope you enjoy the work. 

Daniel DePaolo

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  1. Looking forward to seeing these fly off the wall man. Looks cool Dan.