Monday, January 23, 2012

The S.A.D. project- an endeavour to prepare for an awesome Emerald City

          Happy Monday, crap, Happy New Year blog enthusiasts!! So... ...for those of you who don't know, choose not to care, or just were plain unaware, I've been consistently producing a 27 page book every year for Neo-Trash Comix. It has been falling right on schedule to make its debut at Emerald City Comicon every year, and this year is no different friends. That's right, at the end of March in Seattle, Washington, we will once again have a swanky exhibitor's booth on the floor of what is quickly turning into a whopper of  a show. I'll have all four issues of The Brass Knuckle Rituals available for sale for all three days of the weekend. Also, exclusive this year, The Neo-Trash/ Black Box booth will have a half table devoted entirely to artwork and the work of the artists tabling in our booth. So... say you've always wanted to get an original page of comic artwork from me, or maybe buy one of my 11x17 posters on the cheap, or commission something exclusively for yourself. Well, get your butt out to the booth, buy some cool stuff to look at and help support regional artists.

           So what, you say, is this S.A.D. project which was at the top of this blog but hasn't been mentioned again?  Why does it matter to me?  I'll just call it a "Sketch-A-Day" blog until the weekend of Emerald City. That's right friends, from now until we leave for ECCC 2012 on Thursday March, 29th, I'll post something from either my current issue of the Brass Knuckle Rituals 1.2 "Bedlam Brawl" or I'll post something equally as kick-ass from my sketchbook. Here are the limitations, I will only post Monday through Friday, because sometimes too much blog is a bad thing.
          Concerning the work from The Brass Knuckle Rituals, each piece is a panel or segment of a panel that I think came out particularly well after, pencils, inks, and ink wash. I also will be especially sensitive about posting too much about the overall story in the panels. So, if you want to know who won the awesome fight on page 16, maybe best to just get out and buy the freakin' book. The work from the sketchbook will be varied and random and will fill the latter half of the posts before ECCC 2012. It will be rendered in pencil, ink, and possibly digitally colored if the spirit moves me. So... ...prepare yourselves friends, because it will all be an awesome spectacle to behold.

Daniel DePaolo 

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