Friday, February 10, 2012

Sketch-a-Day -Day 15-Week3

Happy free sketch Friday friends and followers. This week has seen the end of most of the work on the new issue of The Brass Knuckle Rituals issue 1.2. I'm in the process of paginating and cleaning the scanned work, so that I can letter over the weekend. It feels pretty good to say that this collection of pages marks 108 pages total created for Neo-Trash Comix. As in the previous weeks, I will continue to post panels/details of panels from each page until we reach page 27. For today however, I thought I'd post a cool little inked sketch I like to call "Sample in a Jar"...again this may find its way to color in the near future and be available for purchase via my Etsy store or directly from me at comic shows. Until then, enjoy your weekend folks!!

Daniel DePaolo 

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