Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sketch-A-Day -Day 17-

     Days 17-20 are late, I know...but I have a great reason for neglecting you diligent watchers. I've been polishing my portfolio and working on an illustration assignment for this weekends Spring SCBWI conference. The piece I prepared for one of the seminars was based around a pre-selected excerpt of text from Snow White. I plan on sharing the process with you here either later today or tomorrow. I hope you'll enjoy it. For now though...Day 17 is an exercise in drawing hats, hummingbirds and orchids. The noodle armed kid with the abnormally large head is just par for the course. More catch up posts coming later for the three or four people out there watching stay tuned and enjoy your weekend.

-Take Care-
Daniel DePaolo

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