Thursday, January 17, 2013

In The Works

Kids With Guns, Kids With guns...They're takin' over, it won't be long - Gorillaz
     January is moving right along, and personal projects meld with paid projects as I attempt to maintain momentum for 2013. I'm working on a variety of things for 2013, and thought I'd give you a little taste of what's coming through the pipeline.

     Baysmore Books has me booked for a few projects this year. First, I'll be creating the imagery and the book jacket design for a horror novella titled, "Humble Hill." This one is a bit of a quick project filling time between now and when I begin work on the upcoming title "Dingo and Willy Take Their Driver's Test." I expect this project to occupy a fairly decent chunk of time this year, as the publisher wants this title to be a full color children's comic or another illustrated children's book. I'm eager to continue my work with this particular publisher, even though we've never met in person, it has been a mutually beneficial collabortation.

     I'm also thumb nailing out pages, creating character designs, and generally starting to cook on my personal comic project "The Muscle" a.k.a. "Dino's with Guns." I will be writing and illustrating this title. I envision the first story being about 60 pages (penciled, inked, and colored). When it comes time to print/promote this piece, you'll be inundated with visions of a dystopian future where the long game of societal domination is played by corporations and the mega-rich, and the pawns are genetic human-dino hybrids. A bit of Sopranos meets Blade Runner, where the tough guys are muscle-bound dino thugs. Should be fun. I can't wait to share finished work from this one with you.

     In the mean time my first/only comic convention this year is quickly sneaking up on me. I will be tabling with my compatriots in Seattle the first days of March. If you live in the area and would love to get your hands on some nerdy stuff, cool comix, and original artwork(some of which I'll be posting on this blog), you should make it a point to come out to the Emerald City Comicon 2013. Hope to see you there. Well friends, family, and interested parties, it's time to get to work...Enjoy the rest of your week.

-Daniel DePaolo-

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