Tuesday, February 19, 2013

9 and Counting

Lacan - The Hollowing
          For those who don't know me, I'm a pretty voracious reader. While, I haven't made the transition to digital books, I do read most of my "news" on the internet. There is still something about the smell of books, though. Opening them and closing them when your done. The process feels organic, linear, and there is something to be said about finishing something as well. I've recently been captivated by a series of books written by Robert Holdstock. The characters and stories within, are fantasy by conventional definition, but there is a rotten, pervading darkness about everything. When the story is over the ending seems appropriate but by no means does it pass muster as "happy."          

The accompanying illustration is one of the characters from the books. It is my attempt at creating a slightly darker character without falling outside a "cartoony /children's book oreinted" style. I quite like it (hope you do too...). Pencil and colored pencil on Strathmore Illustration board.

-Daniel DePaolo

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