Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Sunny Saturday Blog

Technosaur - 19A
     It's a sunny Saturday here in Portland, Oregon. I'm sitting staring at this screen for as little time as I possibly can today. This week has been disappointing in terms of productivity, and I hope to make up for it by turning out a little work today and tomorrow. The only problem is the sun. When winter hits in Oregon, it's as if a grey blanket has been pulled over the sky. Moods become dreary, and you generally just want to dig into a cozy fort of blankets and pillows and hibernate until the next scant sunny day. So, will I actually get anything done today or tomorrow? Or will I go outside, soak up a few rays, improve my mood, and let fresh air in through my windows that have been closed for months? The choice is mine.
     For now, enjoy this shot of one of the "Muscle" from my upcoming comic. A spry young Technosaur who stumbles onto an "assignment" that may be a little more than he can handle. Will his ego get the best of him and lead him into danger, or will this be a learning experience? Only I can tell, but there will be a kick-ass fight scene between him and an older Tricero. Which wins, age and experience or blind ambition? Stay tuned...

-Daniel DePaolo-

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