Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So this happened today and it was pretty cool

Stack of Hardbacks
     It will always be a weird thing for me to work on projects using digital medium. Sure, I've got a great collection of original inked pages from this particular book, but I wasn't so sure about how the digital colors would turn out. Did I format all the pages correctly for print? Would the typeface have smooth edges or a compression halo? What would a hardback look like when it was printed, bound and ready for sale? You can wrack your brain over the minutiae of the finished product, but there is always a point where you HAVE to LET GO and realize that you've done your part.
     If anything gets messed up from here on out, it is out of your hands. You've done your part. And now, almost three months after delivery of the files, a box arrives with 30 books that you've made. Pardon me while I breathe a sigh of relief. This box has made my weekend worthwhile. As I prepare for another Emerald City Comicon, I'm pleased to offer something new at my table for 2013.
     "Dingo and Willy's Donuts" is a sturdy gloss hardback with 72 interior pages on matte paper. It retails for $18.00, and it will premier at this year's comic convention. I will also make it available through my Etsy shop once the weekend is over. If you want a book that's perfect for your young reader, this is it. Easy to read, filled with colorful characters -- and donuts -- what more can you ask for? This 30 pound box has made my day and my weekend.

-Daniel DePaolo-